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.....or how to know you've been watching too much FoodTV:

McKid's mom has decided to let McKid's hair grow out. McKid has really nice hair, and I'm sure it'll look fab long, but we're in the "I want a ponytail that lays down" but without enough hair to make it lay down phase.

So, every morning before preschool, we go into the bathroom, and MamaT, for whom hairstyling is a supreme challenge, attempts to get a decent looking ponytail into McKid's hair.

Yesterday in the midst of the combing, scraping, tugging and pulling, McKid was playing with the giant "Tub o' Elastics" we have. She was picking them up and sprinkling them back into the bowl.

"Mama, look! Don't I look like Rachael Ray sprinkling this stuff?"

Time to turn off the TV.


Too funny. She didn't say, "How good does THAT look?" while she was sprinkling, did she? Then you KNOW she's too far gone!



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