Am I past the beginner stage?

A beginner's prayers are generally an attempt to get God to pay attention to his wants. As we grow in grace, prayer becomes an attempt to turn our attention to God. His kingdom becomes our reference point for every matter that concerns us. Will this thing further or hinder the working of the will of God in me, in those I pray for, in these situations? What is on my mind today? Let me bring it at once into the light of God's countenance, refer it to his scrutiny, lay it (and my heart with it) open before Him. If I am not prepared to submit something, I am interested in myself, not in the kingdom. "Set your mind on God's kingdom and His justice before everything else, and all the rest will come to you as well''(Mt 6:33 NEB).

-----------------Elisabeth Elliot

This brought me up short. Made me realize how much of a beginner I still must be. Do I bring the situations in my life to God and let HIM tell ME what to do? No. I bring the situations in my life to God and tell HIM what I expect him to do.

Notice anything a bit unbalanced in that equation?

Yeah. Me, too.



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