Fine Art Friday - Easter Octave Edition

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Today's entry for Fine Art Friday has the theme that has been on our hearts, minds and lips all week: resurrection!

The first image might be the most lovely image of angels I have ever seen. These aren't those silly angels. These are strong angels--truly capable of being the messengers of God.

The Resurrection: The Angels Rolling Away the Stone from the Sepulchre
William Blake

The next entry is in honor of a friend of mine who loves all of Burne-Jones' stuff. I hope she sees it today. I like the angels here, too.

The Morning of the Resurrection
Edward Burne-Jones

Titian is one of those artists that I gape at. He is almost too much of a muchness, if you know what I mean. This painting tickles me because Jesus' feet are so flat! He isn't leaping from the grave, he is really rising.

The Resurrection of Christ

I like this next image, because I like the soldier being flung out of the way by the force of the resurrection. I imagine it to have been very much like that. Roman troops were hardened characters--and they didn't ignore their duty or fall asleep at a post.

The Resurrection
Francesco Trevisani

I have always liked this one. I think it has something to do with the harrowing of hell, as well. They certainly don't look like Roman guards around the bottom, do they?


The Resurrection
El Greco

Smock, here's the resurrection section of the altarpiece Fr A mentioned in his sermon on Easter Sunday!

The Resurrection of Christ, from the Isenheim Altarpiece
Matthias Grunewald

And finally, a less literal take on the subject, but one that uses a traditional symbol of the resurrection. I like this, because I like the burst of "light" surrounding the butterfly.

Nicole Marques

The Lord is Risen!

He is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!


Beautiful! Beautiful!

My naughty thought is that if Jesus is shown rising, His toes should be pointed down like Peter Pan's are.

I love the El Greco. Being Greek, he had so many iconographic references in his paintings. The harrowing of hell is often in the icons of the Resurrection. This was a lovely collection.

the resurrection is beautiful on any canvas.

Regarding the first picture ...... I think I can hear the wings fluttering. Love it.



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