Fine Art Friday - the "I Do" Edition

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We are attending a wedding this Saturday, one that we are most happy to attend. What a wonderful day it should be. The flowers are looking beautiful. There's a big cake already made. Everything's on track for a big time celebration. So, in honor of this happy day, let's look at weddings for Fine Art Friday!

First, the most famous wedding of all:

The Wedding at Cana

Next, a New Englandy kind of wedding. I have always been drawn to this style of painting. It's not primitive, but it is simple. And very, very organized. That's not exactly the right word, but I can't quite put my finger on another.

Spring Wedding at Mystic Seaport
Sally Caldwell-Fisher

I think most unmarried women, no matter what their place in life, dream about their weddings. At least a little bit. This picture seems sad to me. Will a courtesan ever really get what she is dreaming of? Or is her life on a completely different path now?

A Courtesan Dreaming of Her Wedding
Utamaro Kitagawa

A very old fashioned scene. I like the light on the bride, and how she seems to glow. It makes me hope that that glow will last for her past the wedding day.

Signing the Register
Edmund Leighton

Planning weddings is notoriously stressful. How would you have liked to have had to plan this one?

The Entry of Napoleon and Marie-Louise into the Tuileries Gardens on the Day of Their Wedding
Etienne-barthelemy Garnier

Next, something completely different. But then, you can almost always say that about Chagall, can't you?

Bella's Wedding
Marc Chagall

And last, the non-representational look at weddings!

Wedding Party
Jay Bonifield

Have a happy weekend, ya'll!


I love them all but "Signing the Register" the best! And of course Chagal.

I love the Chagall, so much, it makes me want to remarry! :D

I agree that "Signing the Register" is best.

And the Chagall would look lovely on my living room wall.



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