Hey, Smock! If we're getting tattoos.........

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......can we at least get some totally Summa shoes to wear when we traipse down to the tattoo parlor? I'm not teetering in there on some high heels, so these are my options:


These are by BC Footwear, and they're $40.95. They'd be comfortable--and that's a plus when you're getting needles stuck into you. At least I think it would be.


These are by Via Spiga, and they're called "Mop." I generally draw the line at anything named after a housecleaning implement, but these might be the exception. They totally capture us, but they are $142.95, which is a tad much.


Now, these are by Kate Spade (love, love, love her shoes!) and I think these would totally capture that "respectable moms gone bad" look we might need to emphasize at the parlor. Downside? $184, but they used to be $228, so we're getting a bargain.


Now, these might be my choice. First, they are only $55.95 (which is only about 10 times what I normally pay for sandals!). But second, and probably most important, don't they just scream "We're only here because we had three giant margaritas!"? That might come in handy when we have some 'splainin' to do.


Have you been whispering to my daughter about shoes, mama t? She loves shoes, and i'm not much of a shoe person. I was reading here and she went crazy. It's so funny.


i'll take one of each.



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