Project 365 - Day One

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I don't have a good digital camera. But I am still going to take part in Project 365. A picture a day for a year. I think that over the course of the year that it will be both a good discipline--to look at the world around me--and something fun to try. PapaC and the Zman always want to know what to get me. I've been thinking of a digital camera. So, I'll start with the crummy one, and see if I like playing with it before I invest more money into something better. Donna--who is gifted at this--is my inspiration. Maybe one day I'll do pictures like hers. Until then, at least I'll document what's going on in my life!

Cold Nose

The funniest thing about this picture is that you cannot make Maggie move far enough away to actually take a picture of her. On the other hand, Nyx wants to be in the pictures and practically pushes you over trying to be part of it until you aim the camera at her. Zman and I laughed and laughed. She's one of those creatures who thinks the camera will steal her soul! So, no good dog pictures. Either I get a picture of a tail of a dog running away or the nose of a dog trying to jump at the camera!


Very funny.

I think Dom would kill me if I tried to do project 365. I took over 180 photos just Friday and Saturday. But then, I'm a new mom.

I also have the same problem with Bella wanting to be right up in the camera. How many times have I pulled out the camera to capture her doing something cute; but when she spots the camera, she's off, crawling as fast as she can to grab it.

You certainly did capture the essence. I was tempted to touch the screen to feel if it was cold and wet!

That sounds like a fun project. I have access to my daughter's digital camera, but I need to get over my technophobia... :)

i wanna join...but my camera doesn't even qualify as crummy. it's plain crappy. i'm gonna see if i can get a doohickey to transfer pix to the puter so i can join you. this seems like lots of fun! ... and a good way to make me blog!



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