Fine Art Friday - A Texas Artist, A New Catholic Edition!

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A couple of weeks ago, via a comment left in our comments boxes, I found the work of a Texas artist, Jim Janknegt. He lives down in Elgin, Texas. And he and his wife joined the Catholic Church this Easter! How could it be more fabulous? He has kindly given me permission to show ya'll some of his art.

First, from his website, here is a little bit about him: Jim Jankgnet is an artist, a Christian (former Episcopalian becoming Catholic), who paints oil paintings some large, some small. He paints parables of Jesus, angels, demons (demonic paintings?) , biblical stories and stories from the bible. He is a modern artist or maybe a post-modern artist I doubt you would call him a traditional artist. He has paintings for sale. He has been an Austin artist but is now an Elgin artist. You might wonder what he thinks about Christian art? Send him an email and ask him.

If you want to see even more of his work, you can go to his website here. And if you want to buy some of his art, you can do that here.

Now, on to the art!

This art is very different from the art I have normally published on Fine Art Friday. I am drawn to it for its vivid colors. But the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. Here's the first image I picked. Look how young the Blessed Mother is.

The Visit

And then here is this one. I have always been attracted to the whole "fishers of men" idea--and I'm thankful that I got caught. I like how this one shows the sea as our modern world.

The Net

This next one appeals to me because I am always afraid that I am the soil that bloomed quickly, but was shallow and couldn't sustain the growth. May it not be so! I like the images of the soils around the edges.

Four Soils

This next one is a most Catholic image! The rich man has his big house, but the poor man's glory is his family and children! What an indictment of empty materialism.

Rich Fool

Oh, my! How I love this next image. Look at Moses and Elijah! And I like the three booths that Peter wanted to build. Oh, a man after my own heart!


The next one is a stunning crucifixion scene and a pointed reminder that we crucify Him every day, still.

Father Forgive Us

But we cannot have a crucifixion scene without Easter. I love, love, love the whale spitting out Jonah in the water of the flower vase!

Easter Morning

Next, an image to remind us that the angels and demons fight over us. Which side will we choose?

Light and Dark Angels

And finally, an image of death and life! This is very moving to me. I'm sorry it's really too small for you to appreciate how lovely it is. But look, just look at the stars, or God's glory, or the Light, or whatever falling on them as they reach the other side.

Crossing Over

Thank you, Jim, for letting me use your images!


I love these! This is art that really penetrates my soul.


(I really like Rich Fool... :) )



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