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mamaT's picture below reminded me of the time when i was in the final stages of my conversion to the Church, but still teaching at a protestant school where the history book taught that the Catholic Church didn't want parishioners reading the Bibles for themselves so they chained them to podiums in the narthexes. to her great credit, the history teacher asked me to come talk to her class about my (almost) Catholic version of this view of history. i began by asking the children if they knew why the phone company hooks phone books to public phones (an example that won't work much longer, but it worked 12 years ago). they immediately understood that the Church didn't want the Bibles stolen.

it's sad to imagine what some people think these days when they see that our Catholic churches are locked, our Tabernacles hidden away, and our saints in boxes.


The day the Protties claim that we hide our statues away so that they may not be properly venerated is the day I will willingly eat Spam.

Well, I exaggerate. I detest Spam, and there is not a single thing left for some Protestant denomenation out there to do that will still surprise me.



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