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Every summer, my dear niece and nephew come and spend a week with PapaC and me. We do a lot of fun things: we swim in a friend's pool (and swim for a LONG time--the point is for the kids to get their fill), we go play miniature golf, we go to the movies, we rent videos, etc, etc, etc. This week is Camp S week, so you'll hear from me only in bits and pieces. In between the "fun stuff", you know.

Yesterday was a really fun day. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, play around the house, go to the bargain movies at Studio Movie Grill (to see Over the Hedge), come home and rest, go swimming (and the Smockmomma and the Smockchitlins came and swam with us!), barbecue some chicken, and then nephew plays Sonic the Hedgehog on the game console while niece and I watch High School Musical on DVD. And then off to bed with books.

Mostly thumbs up around here up for Over the Hedge, though it has some rather rude parts. I was surprised by the voice talents they rounded up: Gary Shandling, Catherine O'Hara, Bruce Willis, William Shatner, Eugene Levy, Thomas Hayden Church, Wanda Sykes. Not the people usually involved with animated features. Some funny riffs on Mission Impossible and films of that ilk. It is not a movie that I will add to my collection of DVDs, but it was a fund way to spend a morning at the movies.

High School Musical is a definite kid chick flick. Nephew had no desire to see it again. Niece and I liked all the singing and dancing. I can see why it was such a hit for Disney. Again, nothing I'd buy for my collection, unless it was really, really cheap. But I know that McKid would watch it over, and over, and over......

We're hoping it doesn't rain today. We want to go to the park and play and have a picnic!



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