A school picnic? In August? In Texas?

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We are very happy around CasaS, because the McKid has been accepted to one of the charter schools here in our hometown. It has an accelerated program (which I think we need to keep her busy and out of trouble) and a wonderful new facility. We applied in March, were put on the waiting list (pretty far down on that waiting list), and we've been waiting ever since.

Until last Wednesday. That's when we got the call to come in and do pre-admission testing. Thursday morning. Woo hoo! And I would have driven over there on Wednesday night, just to get it over with.

The testing wasn't much, and 10 minutes after we arrived on Thursday morning, we were being stacked up with admission paperwork, fundraising paperwork, etc, etc, etc. Oh, and informed that the annual all school picnic would be Saturday morning.

Saturday morning at 10. When the temp was already in the 90's and heading upward by the hour.

Let me tell you, it's hard to concentrate on "Meet our Fine Staff!", when sweat is dripping off the end of your nose and you have to wipe your hands on your shorts before you shake hands with people.

My only consolation is that now these people have seen me at about my worst, with my hair plastered to the back of my neck and McKid with white salt rings around the neck of her shirt (note to self: never make McKid wear a navy t-shirt to an August picnic). PapaC looked a little better, but then he stood under the shade and watched while I stood in line to pick up fundraiser packets, spirit shop stuff, dad's club info (why wasn't he in this line?), and Griffin buck info.

And McKid's only question? "How come if it's a picnic, there's no picnic blanket to sit on?"


we had open house yesterday afternoon. at least ours was indorn. all of the grown ups were all icky and hot, but the kidlins didn't seem bothered by it in the least. youth. so wasted on the young.

Jeric's new school (i'll tell which in email if you ask me) had an elementary 'back to school bash' pool party. Woohoo. It was awesome, he met some of the kids from his grade, and I met some of the moms.



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