excuse me but your reasoning sux


i'd be hardpressed to find a current news headline that would immediately make my blood pressure jump a dozen notches more than this one:

Man Sues Florist for Revealing Affair

the adulterer's attorney claims, "This is not a moral issue." oh really, counselor?
the mouthpiece goes on to claim "The issue is, is 1-800-Flowers in the business of causing divorce or are they in the business of sending flowers ... ?" what? are you high? seems to me the whorehound brought about his own divorce.

what makes me want to vomit is the fact that this lothario and his shyster are ignoring the absurdity of their case. and what really rashes my chaps is the fact that the letch is projecting his own immorality onto the florist -- and begging fidelity and trustworthiness. can anyone say extreme irony?

chalk this one up as another case of no good deed going unpunished.



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