"... and then i ripped his lungs out" and other funnies

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i hate to admit it, but i absolutely love this crap. it appeals to the retro-lover in me. of course, it's not a new phenomenon, but it is gaining popularity. i'm sure you've seen them at barnes and noble and other cushy book stores: these artsy retro pics with pulp quotes. i used to have to go to chronicle books for such delightful trash, but now it's everywhere. and it even has a name: retro humor. i swear there were at least three calendars sporting retro-suburban vitriol that i wanted to buy this year, but didn't want to have to explain to the smocklings. i did get a fab address book that sports some good ones.




Those are one of my guilty pleasures, too. :)
(One of my favorites - ALL SHE WANTED FOR CHRISTMAS WAS A NAP - I made into an ornament for the little Christmas tree in my office. Which I didn't even have time to put up this year...talk about needing a nap!)

I am living proof of "better multi-tasking through massive caffeine consumption." Of course the increased efficiency is mitigated by the time and cost of brewing the coffee for the aforementioned massive caffeine consumption.

I also like the retro humor. In a way it all serves as a little dig on Ray Lichtenstein, who was only a step away from this sort of thing. Had he put the over-the-top humor in it, it would have shown him up as not much more than a clever greeting card designer.



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