Fine Art Friday - The Letter D Edition

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This week's FAF entry is done in honor of Smockmomma. Without her, I never would have looked any further into this artist's work, and would have told you that I liked NOTHING that he painted. Well, that's just not true for me any longer.

This week we'll look at work by Salvador Dali.

When you think of Dali, if you're like me, you think of this painting. I don't much care for it, and it's what I judged all his work by.


Persistence of Memory

Or, maybe, you think of this one, which I like much better than the one above, but still......


Rose Meditative

But then Smock showed me this picture, and it's a whole different thing:


Person at the Window

And then there's this beautiful image:


Muchacha de Espalda

But it is his religiously themed works that I am really drawn to, even when I don't exactly understand his sybolism. Take this one:

Madonna of Port Lligat

And there is this one, which I have posted before. I love this. It is, of course, a "reminiscence" of the famous Millet painting "The Angelus". I simply gasped when I saw it the first time.

Reminiscence Archelogique

And then there are his crucifixion images. This one I love the juxtaposition of the traditional Mary at the foot of the cross with the modern cubic cross:

Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus)

And then this one, which, to me, speaks of the loneliness of the cross:

Christ of Saint John of the Cross

Finally, here is the image that started all my looking at Dali. The image that hangs in Smock's house, and I have to stand and look at everytime I go over:


The Sacrament of the Last Supper

Happy Friday, ya'll!


Dali was one of my earliest influences. I'm sure you already know that his painting of Christ of St John of the Cross was inspired by an actual drawing of St. John of the Cross that St. John had in a vision. Here is the drawing:
I believe Dali saw the drawing in the monastery in Avila.

warm regards,


thank you sooo much, mamaT. for featuring my beloved dali.

fyi, i am saving up to purchase dali's "unfinished" version of his christ of st. john of the cross because smockdaddy and i want one that is at least twice as large as our copy of the last supper. talk about breathtaking!



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