Miz Booshay's Love/Hate Meme


Since my projects drag on (and on, and on, and on), I'm taking a break to post something mindless. Well, not exactly mindless, but there aren't any numbers in it! Yee haw!

I love to eat: popcorn with butter, grilled cheese sandwiches. I'm high class, ya'll!
I hate to eat: asparagus or green peas. For asparagus it's a smell thing. For peas, a texture thing.

I love to go: to Half-Price Books or the library. What did you think I would say?
I hate to go: to the dentist or to diocesan meetings. Make that meetings of any kind.

I love it when: McKid and Zman are laughing and running through the house.
I hate it when: it is gray and cloudy but refuses to actually DO anything other than be depressingly gray and cloudy.

I love to see: incense rising toward the ceiling at church.
I hate to see: baby diapers left on the parking lot at Target.

I love to hear: Zman and his dad watching football and "discussing" the referees.
I hate to hear: someone writing with a mechanical pencil on paper.

Anyone else?



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