Fine Art Friday - The Letter F Edition

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And now for something completely different from the couple of weeks before! It's on to France! Today's artist is Jean-Honore Fragonard. You can read about him on Wikipedia here.

I picked the first picture, because how often do you get to put a painting with a marmot in it on a blog? Well, unless you have a marmot blog, which I wouldn't be surprised by!


Girl With Marmot

This picture is one of the few religious subjects I found available to use. I like this. I like the swirl of activity around the calf. I like the colors.

Jereboam Sacrificing to the Golden Calf

The next is a picture I think I used on Valentine's Day a few years ago. When you look at it, is she happy to have the kiss stolen? Or is she trying to get away? Several of Fragonard's paintings are like that--ambiguous. In one painting, "The Bolt", a man is reaching up to lock the door of a bedroom and he has a woman in his arms. It is not completely apparent whether this is a tryst or a rape. This painting is sort of "The Bolt" in a more innocent form.

The Stolen Kiss

But there are also simply beautiful images, like this one:

Portrait of a Child

And then finally, my favorite of the lot. Of course, how could it not be? Any painting of someone reading has to be high on my list! But look how beautiful she is. Look at the sweep of her neck and her hair. The sleeve over the arm rest. Simply lovely.

A Young Girl Reading

Happy Friday, ya'll!


girl with marmot. fabulous. what a sassy lookin' dame. i wonder what she intends to do with the marmot in that there box. ... i fancy she's a rather saucy winch and her husband is gonna wake up with it in his breeches for coming home too late after another night out with the boys. or am i just readin' waaay too much into this?

I like to think she's about to grab it's scruff fling it on Fragonard. Which will all the more charm him...



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