Yesterday's Lenten Lunchtime Reading

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From In Conversation with God (my very favorite Lenten resource):

Detachment from material goods, mortification and abstinence purify us from our sins and help us to find God in our everyday life. For whoever seeks God whilst wanting to hold on to his own likes and dislikes, may seek Him day and night, but will never find Him. [St. John of the Cross]. Our daily duties are the principal source for this mortification: order, punctuality in starting our work, concentration and intensity we bring to it, etc. Through our contact with others we will find occasion to mortify our selfishness and help create a more pleasant atmosphere around us.

What? You mean I have to be nice to the people at home???? Can't I just be nice to random strangers or to "humanity" at large?



This is my very favorite Lenten resource as well. I still have the copy I bought before I converted. It has character now. Chewed edges from a dog that ran away thirteen years ago, detached page marker, notes, underlines, yellowed pages.

I find it to be the most consistently on point devotional I've ever seen. The other volumes are great as well.

It's strong suit is reminding you just how far from holiness you are.



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