Fine Art Friday - The Letter E Edition!

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Sneaking in here right at the last to post the FAF entry.

And for E? El Greco, of course.

Let's look at some cool stuff. First we'll do this one, because a print of this hangs in our parish hall. Years ago, when our parish was still Anglican, it was called St. Bartholomews.


St. Bartholomew

Then there's this one. I collect images of St. Jerome.


Saint Jerome Penitent

Then a shout out to our sweet uber expectant madre Marsha (hey, I didn't know I was tri-lingual!):


Penitent Magdalen

Here's the "beginning of the story" so to speak:


The Annunciation

And here's a good image to meditate on during Lent:

The Crucifixion

And finally, my favorite of all these:


Christ the Redeemer

Happy Friday, ya'll!


one of my very favorite paintings of mi magdalena! xoxo



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