Fine Art Friday - The Letter H Edition

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This week's art is a shout out to my son, the ZMan, who likes this artist very much. Since ZMan's thing is photography, it surprises me not at all that he likes the work of the realistic painter Edward Hopper. While I don't dislike these paintings, they make me sad. Almost every one of them speaks of loneliness or isolation to me--two things that I find it difficult to deal with.

Anyway, these are interesting paintings to look at, so let's do!

First, the classic Hopper image:


Then a painting that makes the observer into almost a voyeur:

The Night Window

Then this one, which might not be sad, but still strikes me as such. She seems so alone looking out that window. Is she waiting for someone to come home?

Cape Cod Morning

Then there is this one, which I like, but the people are so far apart from one another. And they don't look happy, do they? Has the girl just told her friend that she has left her husband, or that he has left her? She seems sad, and alone.


Chop Suey

Then, finally, my favorite of the paintings I looked at. Getting things cleared up at dusk. But the coming darkness doesn't seem comfortable. It seems forbidding, even menacing. It makes me want to tell the gas station owner to hurry up and get inside.



Happy Friday, ya'll!


i agree with you on hopper. in cape cod, i just know the woman sees a police car coming up the drive and grasps the edges of the table for support. ugh.



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