From yesterday's Lenten lunchtime reading


Again, from Conversations with God:

....He gives us the best possible lesson for us to understand that if we are not humble, if we are not willing to serve, we will be completely unable to follow the Master. Our Lord invites us to follow him and to imitate him: He gives us a rule, which is simple but precise, and which will enable us to practise charity with humility and a spirit of sacrifice: Whatever you wish that men would do to you, do so to them. The experience of what pleases or displeases me, or of what helps or hurts me, is a good measure of the things I ought to do or avoid in my relationships with others.

All of us would like a word of encouragement when things have not gone well, and would appreciate understanding from others when, once again, in spite of our best intentions we have made a mistake. We prefer others to have more regard to our positive deeds than to our shortcomings; we are glad to have a cordial atmosphere at our placde of work or on coming home. We like to be stretched at work, but to be asked, nevertheless, with courtesy and in a kindly fashion to do what is required of us; we don't like anyone to speak badly of us behind our backs; and if someone does, we'd be grateful to have another defend us in our absence; we would like others to be concerned about us when we are ill; we would not be averse to receiving fraternal corrections when we do something badly, instead of having our blunder gossiped about with somebody else; we would be happy to know that our friends pray for us . . . These are things which, with humility and a spirit of service, we have to do for others: Discite benefacere.

Isn't that just the kick? "Simple but precise" indeed. And hard. Very hard.



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