Whatcha Reading? Wednesday

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Just finished Elizabeth Goudge's Green Dolphin Street. My review of it? Go get it. Read it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's about love, but it's also about duty and honor. And God. Just all around an A+ book.

Am on the last chapter of C. S. Lewis' Letters to Malcolm, Chiefly on Prayer. Also much worth reading. There's a lot to think about there, so I'll be picking it up again in years to come. It's a keeper.

So now? I'm on to The Franchise Affair by Josephine Tey. I read her Brat Farrar last year and enjoyed it. And we're reading The Daughter of Time later in the year in my book club. This one was available from the same seller, and shipped for the same shipping price, so I added it to my order. Not far enough in yet to tell much about the story, but the characters are wonderful.

For spiritual reading I will start Caryl Houselander's Reed of God. I have read her Advent book and her stations of the cross book, both of which I heartily recommend, but have not read this, her classic. So, that's what starts next.

How 'bout you?


readin' water for elephants -- verrrrrrry good, trying my best to prolong the experience.

also picked up the king's latest "bachman book" entitled blaze.



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