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This one is an old one, but we watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked that the characters had character--they were not Hollywood beautiful/handsome.

And may I say, that Ciaran Hinds? Hmmmm. Hubba hubba, or the like:


While we were watching it, TBC and I kept saying, "Where have we seen the guy playing Wentworth before? Where else have we loved him?"

Well, duh. Every Sunday night we watch him as the heartthrob Julius Caesar in the HBO series Rome. Not for me some toy boy Marc Antony. Not for me some conflicted and torn Brutus. Nope. I like my tyrants confident, and that was the way Hinds played Caesar. 'Course you know how it is going to end, but I couldn't help shedding a tear for old Julius, 'specially when he looked up at Brutus before the last blow. He was probably thinking, "Dang, I should have shipped him off to Macedonia a lot earlier." But maybe he was more noble than that.

We also give the first season of Rome thumbs up. But with a caution. Remember what Rome was. And remember that this was made by HBO. Lots of language, skin and sex. And absolute buckets full of violence.

But it's good. It's good.


Loved this one too! I put it on my wish list for our home library.

mister hinds just melts my butter. i first fell in love with his brutish charms as mister rochester in the a&e production of jane eyre. grrr...

btw, are you ready for the second season yet?

Jane Eyre is next on my Netflix queue, just because of Mr. Hinds. Whew! I'm fanning myself.

And yes, we're ready. We finished off Season One Monday night.

I can't wait to see what happens next in the Atia and Servilla face-off. And Octavia needs to grow a spine and quit being used as EVERYONE'S plaything.

Now I'm thinking that while Atia is evil, Servilla might be even more so.

And Niobe's last scene? Didn't see THAT one coming! Poor Varenus. He can't get anything right.

I don't know, I didn't like it all that much. I suppose that, when you read Austen a great deal, you have an ideal film of the novel in your head, and somebody else's version is bound to differ in many respects. Amanda Root was nearly perfect as Anne Elliot, but Hinds was too harsh as Captain Wentworth; he really isn't like that in the book. I'll tell you where he was really excellent, and that was as Brian de Bois-Guilbert in an Ivanhoe from the late Nineties.



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