Pretty Shoe Tuesday


Yesterday it was 80 degrees here. Today the high will be 50 degrees. Yes, that's what we love about Texas. Never knowing what kind of clothes and shoes you are going to need from day to day. No packing away stuff for us!

Anyway, spring shoes have caught my eye, and this is what I liked this week.

This little number would be fabulous with capris and t's--to make them a little dressier. Or with a jeans skirt and t. Not too bad on price, either!


These are really just a figment of my imagination. I'd probably never buy 'em, but I think they are fantastic looking. Now, if I were still working, I would so do these with a black suit, just to take the "business edge" off the suit.


These are just cute. I'm having a love affair with skimmers these days.


I think this is a great alternative to the clunky tennis shoe I wear around with jeans. These would look so much sleeker.


Happy Tuesday, ya'll!



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