A blogging break....

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After a lot of prayer and introspection, I believe it is time for me to take an extended break from blogging.

It will be at least after Easter, and probably much later, before I post here again. It is entirely possible that the break may need to become permanent. I'm just not sure yet. I am waiting, rather impatiently, for that still, small voice to let me know what to do! I suppose that the answer could be to come back to blogging, but I remain skeptical about that. I think you all have heard about all that I have to say that is worth saying. And I'm not foolish enough to think that my words have eternal significance! :-)

I pray that all of you will have a blessed remainder of Lent, and a wonderful Holy Week and Easter season.

I will be around, reading a little.

You've all been the absolute best, and I will miss you.



We will miss your wit and wisdom during this time.

May your answer be revealed to you soon.


This had better be just a bad mood swing.

May God give you the discernment you long for. A blessed rest of Lent to both the intelligent and witty 'Mammas.

Enjoy your rest, may it be fruitful, and thank you most especially for all your wisdom and encouragement. You are a blessing to me, and I thank you!

Dear MamaT,

I am just stopping by to give you my condolences on the passing of your favorite author (Jon Hassler). May he rest in peace.



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