down, but not out...


poor mamaT has practically been running this blog single-handed for a good long stretch now, with me poppin' in only occassionally as it is to rant about something yankee or liberal or both. but i must admit that chasing six wee ones, especially the wonder-smock-twins [at two-and-a-half], training for the breast cancer walk, running my gratefully busy avon biz, and being a sexy spice for the smockdaddy takes up all of this woman's time. taking all of that into account and adding the fact that this particular Lenten season has been ... well, a bitch ... i will admit that mamaT's decision gives me some real nice breathin' room.

a'course, i can't speak for mamaT, but i can promise to be trollin' the saint bloggosphere and peekin' in all of you beautiful and holy people as often as i can, and i pray that mamas'll find their way back a'for to long.

four years of summa mama delight was four years longer than i expected or deserved! so, best wishes and big blessin's to each and every one of you. until we pop in on y'all agin', i remain ...

the smock



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