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.....for those of you who do not already know.

Jon Hassler, the only person I've ever written a fan letter to and one of my favorite authors, died on Maundy Thursday morning.

Here's a link to a story in the Minneapolis Post.

My heart is broken. His talents brought me many hours of joy.

May he rest in peace, in a place where there is no nasty disease like progressive supranuclear palsy. And may light perpetual shine upon him.


Oh, that is such a shame. He was one of my very favorite writers. I hope they do publish his last book.
May he enjoy the light of Heaven and may he rest in peace.

I just stumbled over here from Happy Catholic. I'm so glad I happened upon this bc I too enjoyed many of Hassler's novels. I am saddened by his death but thankful you posted it so I could find out about it.

requiescat in pace.



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