Pretty Shoe Tuesday - the Easter Egg Edition

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For this week's PST, I started to do dressy Easter shoes--after all, for us Catholics, next Sunday is Easter, too! But then I decided to just do shoes the colors of those plastic Easter eggs that we hid for the Easter egg hunt at church.

I love yellow. I can't wear it at all, it makes me look weird. Well, even weirder than I normally do. But maybe I could have these groovy yellow shoes?


And here is a pair of really fun green shoes, that would go with every thing. I really, truly might order these!


Zman's favorite color is orange. He looks good in it. Me, not so much. But I'd look fabulous in these orange sandals!


And would it really be the Summas if there weren't pink shoes every time? Here's an updated classic, in pink and red!


And finally a pair of running shoes that virtually screams "I have stepped in Easter eggs, people!" Love 'em. Not enough to take up running, but a lot.


Happy Tuesday, ya'll!


I hadn't realized how much I missed you.

Welcome back!

love the vans. can't look at 'em without thinking of hangin' out and smokin' behind high school gym though. yikes, did i just admit that in writing?



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