i don't mean to be snarky, but ...

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okay, well, maybe i do, i don't know. anyhoo...

what does wearing pajamas to school teach wee ones? i don't get it. the idea of "a dr. seuss day" for the pre-k class is an adorable idea in theory, but in practice, hey, what is up with that?

i also tend to agree with smockdaddy when he questions why teachers assign at-home projects. these people have our kidlens over seven hours a day, why can't their school work be done at school?


I think a 'formal wear' day would be even more fun. (Altho I don't relish having to rent a little tuxedo...)

At home projects made me nuts. They're more fun now that we are homeschooling and I am in charge of the projects. (I guess I'm still traumatized by having to help one of my girls make a mercury atom model. Expensive, time consuming...I'm not sure what she learned but I learned that if it involves sequins, pins, glue etc, it's best to choose and atom with as low an atomic number as possible!)



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