they say you can tell a lot about a gal from her tunes...

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back in the day, they used to say you can tell a lot about a person by peeking in their medicine cabinets. apparently the new snoop-space of choice is a person's ipod. iffin you wanna play, the rules are simple: select the random play option on your iPod or iTunes and list the first 10 songs that show up. no cheating!

1. "big poppa" - the notorious b.i.g. [caveat auditor: mature lyrics]
2. "nessun dorma!" - luciano pavarotti
3. "just fine" - mary j blige
4. "absolutely fabulous (rollo remix)" - pet shop boys
5. "lakmé: viens, mallika, ... dôme épais" - dame joan sutherland, jane berbié
6. "anyone else but you" - michael cera & ellen page [juno soundtrack]
7. "no ordinary love" - sade
8. "partita for solo violin no. 3 in e major, bwv 1006: III. gavotte en rondeau" - hilary hahn
9. "only women bleed" - alice cooper
10. "blue spanish sky" - chris isaak

***smock shamelessly lifted the idea from erik over'ta his rants and recipes.


I have read descriptions of Mary J. Blige, and she sounds interesting. I have yet to hear her. Is there any particular album you would recommend to start with?

i am a true iTunes kinda gal, as i've never even listed to her whole growing pains album. i just really like a few of the songs. i recommend "just fine" and "work that" as perfect feel-good tunes.

This music is highly inappropriate. Where the heck do you get this stuff?

Personally I scope out peoples bookshelves ...

Not a fan of ipods/itunes here, I do have an offbrand mp3 player that I rarely use but like it when I do use it. I should look for that... music is a good idea tonight.

This music is highly inappropriate. Where the heck do you get this stuff?
isn't it though? i get the more inappropriate songs from smockdaddy's list. he is pretty naughty, but i love him anyway.



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