looks like mama's day came early for the summa mamas. . .

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it surely came early at the smock maison. while mamaT was gettin' her feet all fancy, smockdaddy took a trip to our local mall where he picked up my fabulous new hot pink soho bag. the best part about it is that it was a total surprise. i didn't even ask for a new purse. and the color -- summamama pink -- couldn't be more perfect. now, if i could just get the perfect shoes to match . . .


. . . talk about high maintenance.


Hey mama, I wanted to send you a print of one of my icons for your entry in the "beauty contest" at my place. If you would like it, e-mail me your address and I'll pop one in the mail to you tomorrow.


Hey Smock, you may find this as funny as I did:




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