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I am probably the lowest maintenance girl you will ever meet. In that way, the Smock and I are polar opposites. I just love to follow her in line at La Madeleine when we go eat, because she has a billion changes she wants to make to whatever she is ordering (but she tips well!). After her, I seem like a piece of cake to deal with. I just want my salad with no cheese on it. Well, I don't want it that way. But that's the way I'm gonna eat it.

Anyway, that translates into clothes, shoes, makeup, etc. I love fashion. I love to look at clothes and shoes and purses and stuff. But I am basically a no-frills person. I live in jeans and t-shirts or capris and t-shirts. And flip-flops and sandals in the summer. (I have a serious flip-flop habit.)

But yesterday I did something I have never, ever done in my whole life. McKid's mom treated me to a pedicure, as an early Mother's Day present. And I went. And was dunked, scrubbed, pumiced, massaged and lotioned. Then my toenails were painted the cutest shade of coral. AND I have a darlin' flower painted on each of my big toes.

Ya'll, I am stylin'.

At least as stylin' as this fat old lady gets!

It was wonderful!

And I might even do it again!


we need to go somewhere and be seen, mamaT.



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