Whatcha Reading? Wednesday


I still have 2 chapters with the Bill Bryson book about English. I had put it aside for a bit to reread Jhumpa Lahiri's collection of short stories Interpreter of Maladies, which was our book group selection for the month. I had read Interpreter before, and I recommend it. She deals poignantly with the immigrant experience--particularly in how hard it is to maintain the good things about the culture you are from while grasping the good in the new culture.

Last night I finished The Inimitable Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse. Absolutely loved the book. Bertie Wooster is magic as a narrator, and the words just sparkle off the page. I laughed out loud in some parts. Here's a snippet to entice you:

You know, the longer I live, the more clearly I see that half the trouble in this bally world is caused by the light-hearted and thoughtless way in which chappies dash off letters of introduction and hand them to other chappies to deliver to chappies of the third part. It's one of those things that make you wish you were living in the Stone Age. What I mean to say is, if a fellow in those days wanted to give anyone a letter of introduction, he had to spend a month or so carving it on a large-sized boulder, and the chances were that the other chappie got so sick of lugging the thing round in the hot sun that he dropped it after the first mile. But nowadays it's so easy to write letters of introduction that everybody does it without a second thought, with the result that some perfectly harmless cove like myself gets in the soup.

A great start for a chapter.

Anyway, I recommend the book. Highly. But if you don't want to read it, then I recomend the series Jeeves and Wooster, starring Hugh Laurie as Bertie and Stephen Fry as Jeeves. I loved the whole series, and it is one of those rare cases where I thought they captured the characters exactly as I see them.

Next on the agenda? My Life in France by Julia Child, which is May's book group selection. After that, who knows. Probably Right Ho, Jeeves! or Bath Tangle. It remains undecided.

How 'bout you?



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