Whatcha Reading? Wednesday

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I just finished Georgette Heyer's Bath Tangle, which I enjoyed very, very much. I still have the last two chapters of my Bill Bryson book to finish, which is exactly what I said last week. Sigh. Maybe I'll finish it during the first part of the hockey game tonight.

Go STARS! Woo hoo!

Ahem. Excuse me.

I also finished the book of letters by St. Francis de Sales. Highly recommended. VERY highly.

On the nightstand, My Life in France by Julia Child. I love Julia Child. This memoir is good, even though I'm not a foodie, per se.

Also on the nightstand, Mrs. Mike by Benedict and Nancy Freedman. Read a chapter or so last night. Good so far. I think I saw a movie based on this a l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g time ago. I'll have to look it up.

Now I have to find some new spiritual reading, and I have no clue about that......

How 'bout you?


i just tossed the "shadows thriller trilogy" by romance-gone-crime fiction author kay hooper. actually, i made it through the first book and only one-third of the way through the second because my cheese-meter simply couldn't stand another minute of the crapola. apparently ms. hooper should stick to bulging biceps and heaving breasts. bleck.

i recently finished up promise not to tell. this is a really good confession-of-shame story masquerading as a ghost story. it's jennifer mcmahon's first novel and i hope to see more from her.

currently, i am reading wicked by stephen schwartz. excellent so far.

Mrs. Mike is one of my all-time favorites. I may have to go dig it off the shelf. Even before I get myself on the wait-list for the new Precious Ramotswe at the library.

Mrs. Mike ... I've loved that book since I read and reread it as a teenager. And, the Julia Child book ... wonderful as well though, of course, in an entirely different way. :-)



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