No, we're not going to "All Shoes, All the Time", but.....

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........Smock, I'll see your Michael Kors pumps and raise you two:


I love this black pump even better than the one you picked. But as long as we're talking fantasy shoes here, how 'bout:


Cheetah print! Meeeee-ooooooow!


i'd seen the other black kors pump but could NEVER get away with that toe -- ouch! you'll never ever ever see me in an animal print, but it's a darling little shoe.

Girl! Never say never!

1. Animal prints are the new black. Haven't you heard that? And while I hate animal prints done in large doses, I think an animal print shoe is fab-you-luss (to quote someone I know). I have a pair of animal print flats and EVERY SINGLE TIME I WEAR THEM, someone says, "Oooooh. Love your shoes!"

2. What if I bought you some animal print flats? You would HAVE to wear them out of good manners alone. So there.

Bwaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaa!



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