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Some of my sweetest memories of growing up are of attending Vacation Bible School, both at my own Episcopalian church and at the Baptist church that my friends attended (sword drill, anyone?). So when the Catholic parish up the street from my own decided to hold a VBS, I was all over it. Our parish secretary has a granddaughter almost exactly McKid's age, and one a little younger. We signed up together. Yesterday was the first day.


Like everything else in this world, VBS has moved upscale to compete with television, video games and the like. Most Blessed Sacrament chose Power Lab as their VBS this year.

While I am normally prepared to scoff at the high-tech, bright colored, shiny new things, I must admit that McKid came out of VBS dancing and singing all about Jesus. That's a good thing! When I asked her if she had a good time? "Mom! I had BEYOND a good time!"

They're doing something right. Monday's theme was "The Power to be Thankful" and there was a little homework assignment--several ways a kid could show she was thankful for what someone had done for her. McKid sat right down and wrote a thank you card to her VBS teacher.

Good for her.

We'll see what today holds, but so far, it's all thumbs up from here.


So glad to hear it. We're doing Power Lab at St. Monica next week!

The boys are doing Power Lab next week at our nearest to us Parish. They did VBS there last year, and in Arlington the year before and loved it both times. Last year I was able to volunteer, but with the new one I won't be this year. It was nothing like the VBS I went to as a kid, but a lot of fun in different ways.



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