Pretty Shoe Tuesday - Summa Pink!

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Everyone who knows me, at least in real life, knows that I have a mini-obssession with flip-flops. Love 'em. Look at 'em in every store I go to. Want more. Even when I have enough!

But a girl also needs some classier shoes. Maybe just shoes that don't make a noise when you walk. These would be a nice choice. But there sure is a big difference in price level!


As someone whose foot shape makes it impossible to wear flip-flops (my toes are too close together and would overlap if I didn't wear a brace at night), I BITTERLY resent that flip-flops are cheap and other cute sandals are outrageous! All my shoes look at least 10 years older than I do, and I could so wear those pink beauties if only I could afford them!




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