Whatcha Reading? Wednesday

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Not much reading going on around here. We're dealing with the end of school, and all the related events (I am off to the Kindergarten Awards Ceremony in 5 minutes). Plus my mom has taken a bit of a turn for the worse and is keeping us all on our toes. So I've crocheted some, and watched a lot of TV with Mom.

I am finishing up my current Wodehouse book, Very Good, Jeeves. I should finish it tonight. Next on the list, a book that I am NOT looking forward to, but must read for my book group this month: Love in the Time of Cholera. I can't really say why I dread reading it, but I do. I hope to be surprised by how much I like it. At the book group meeting, we are actually going to watch the recent movie adaptation of the book. That should be interesting.

New in the to-read-pile? Strangers and Sojourners by Michael O'Brien. I was a huge fan of his Father Elijah, but read nothing more of his after that. Frankly, I had read some interviews he had given and I didn't care for how he came across in those interviews, so I shelved any plans I had of reading more of his stuff. Then a friend looked at me like I had 3 heads--he's one of her favorite writers. I like her very much, so I told her, based on her recommendation alone, that I would try a couple more of his books. She put this one in my hands.

How 'bout you?


I'm eagerly awaiting your reports on both Strangers and Sojourners and Love in the Time of Cholera. Like you, I loved Father Elijah, but read nothing more of his after that. Strangers and Sojourners is sitting on my to be read shelf but it's nowhere near the top of my list when it comes to thinking about what to read next.

I picked up LITC but never made it past the first page, I either need some inspiration to get started or for someone to tell me not to bother so I can clear the book of my shelf.



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