I'm so frustrated!

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St. Blogs has moved to the newest Movable Type version, and being the Luddite that I am,

I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot figure out how to DO anything.

I cannot find my blogroll.

I am seriously considering moving back to blogspot.

Sorry, Richard, I know this isn't your fault. It's all mine.

But I'm beginning to think that you can't teach THIS dog new tricks and I am UBER frustrated.

Now that I've had my Donald Duck fit, I will mush on.

Sorry to those of you whose links I've apparently lost. I'll get them back, sooner or later.

But it's going to take a smarter person than ME to do this.


(P.S. One good comment. I do like the ease of uploading pictures. That doesn't make up for the rest.)


And, um, I tried to "sign in" so I could comment, but the "please respond to this" e-mail to register never came -- I tried twice -- and when I try anyway it says there's already a user with my info. And "anonymous" links to my blog. All that is kind of weird. Richard needs to fix it!

I long ago gave up on St. Blogs due to its changes. Too bad. I regulalry used to check the aggregator, and to see what new Catholic blogs there were out there.

My teenage daughters were good at all this, but they are no longer teens - and no longer here!

- Lee (View from the choir)

Hi, dears.

I'm glad I dropped by to check out your blog, MamaT; otherwise I'd have had no idea you needed a hand! What do you want to fix first? Drop me a note and we can get things caught up.

For Salome: I suspect that the confirmation e-mail was treated as spam by your e-mail system. If you have a "spam folder", and haven't searched it yet for any mail from stblogs.org, give it a look. It sounds like you have successfully created an account, so just have the system send you a "password reset" e-mail, and go from there.

It's hard to know what Lee's referring to: I don't remember if Lee ever had a blog in stblogs.org. Am I forgetting something?

MamaT! I didn't hear from you, so I retrieved your blogroll from the old site.



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