Fine Art Friday - The Letter N Edition

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It was really hard to come up with a subject for today's Fine Art Friday. It doesn't seem like there are many "N" artists whose work resonates with me much. Here's the best I can do for this Friday: Barnett Newman.

Here's what has to say about him:

Barnett Newman (1905 - 1970) was an Abstract Expressionist whose artworks made profound statements and challenged artistic norms through minimal colors and shapes. Newman, a New York native, was known for enormous works filled with vast, color-saturated fields bisected by vertical lines he called "zips." With artistic luminaries Mark Rothko and Robert Motherwell, he co-founded an art school in New York. Newman's radical works, which were symbolic and spiritual, pushed Abstraction far beyond established norms, and initially provoked anger and confusion. Later, he was deeply respected, and strongly influenced the color-field painters of the 1960s.


Canto VII


The Name I


Mitternacht Blau

Happy Friday, ya'll!


you know me, i appreciate art best when i cannot understand it. oh-so kidding. but i do enjoy these zips. i think they're fun. can't art be fun?

by the by, when are you letting me take you to the impressionist exhibit at the kimball?



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