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i just ordered "back to school" lunchboxes and backpacks for all six smocklings; and while i'm proud that i ordered them all for less than the price of a small car, i'm baffled by how expensive it is to keep up with the current fashion trends of things as mundane as "carry-your-crap" bags.

and, i don't even want to think about the upcoming cost of uniforms. itellya, homeschooling looks more and more appealing every day.



We've got to make the trip to buy lunch box and backpack this week too.

As well as "4 folders, one green, one blue, one purple, one red, plastic, with brads and pockets." And another 4 without brads, or some such stuff.

I think we're good on uniforms--we'll find out this week. 'Cause I hope I don't have to darken the doors of Parker School Uniforms during the mad rush "take a number" time. And when they ring you up? "That'll be $350, please!" I thought I would faint dead away. I had to sit down and fan myself.

I miss homeschooling.........

we're homeschooling and i still had to buy an adorable bento box for the boys. i cannot resist back to school stuff! office max thrills me.

i get high on school stuff, too. but, i hate paying an arm and an ear for ye matchy-matching backpacks. alas, the price of fashion.



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