a fine how-do-you-do from bank of america


recently i was fined "international fees" for placing an order online. i disputed the charge with bank of america because i had no idea the company -- which was based in the united states -- outsourced. while bank of america kindly explained to this ignoramous their delightful fee practices, i did some research on my own. bummer. ignorance should not be so costly. my final reply to bank of america, emailed today, is as follows:

I discovered that, while the company is in the United States, they outsource some printing to Canada, so technically the orders I made were international. I had no idea there was a charge for using PayPal "internationally" and I think this just might be another case of "Sneaky Bank Fees." I would certainly appreciate a "Sorry you were so ignorant about all of our fine-print fees, Dummy" credit of the charges. And, I'll be sure to note where all of my orders are being shipped from in future.

it would have been much longer. but, they only allow us ten lines of angst. pthh...



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