smock's new bumper sticker



this is the new bumper sticker that i had made. the idea to make it began with my complaint that obama-nation is spreading like a cult in my neck of the woods, and that barack is enjoying, not just celebrity cult status, but freaky jim-jones jell-o shot status. and in a reliably red state like texas, too. i am heartsick because i personally know many -- as in too many to admit -- well-intentioned people who will actually vote for the man. God help us all. tired of talking myself blue in the face, i thought, heck, i'll just make a bumper sticker and let it speak to all of these wack-job so-called catholics who think it's okay to support an abortion monger like obama.

anyway, i put it on my car yesterday -- not knowing exactly how timely its message would turn out to be -- and i ended up giving away 3 today. i only ordered 5 because the process is rather pricey, but i'm consdering making more. of course, i'll have to edit them to read: never trust a prophet who supports infanticide.

you read that correctly. barack obama supports infanticide. obama voted against the illinois state legislation that required medical providers to give normal life-supporting medical care to infants born alive during an abortion. The bill was created because the doctors at Christ Hospital and elsewhere threw live infants away with no oversight at all. read more here.



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