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December 22, 2008

Outside My Window.
.. it's COLD!! and darkish. Our neighbor put up inflatable Santas before leaving town; they are deflated and sad looking now. I wish I had the huevos to go out in the chill to try to figure out if I could fix them.

I am thinking... about how very poor our heater is. It can't heat past 65 and we're the kind of family that finds 65 frigid and inhumane. Alas and woe.

I am thankful for... heat at all!

From the kitchen... still a mystery for tonight. I am in the mood for something heavy and bad for me. I think it can be arranged.

I am wearing... jeans, gray tee, green cardigan and a bright orange fleece blanket wrapped around me because of the whole inhumane temperature drama.

I am creating... my Mother's Christmas scarf STILL. Sigh. Also a wool diaper cover for a friend's bebe that can be finished right after the blasted scarf.

I am going... to the store for diaper cream, coffee creamer, apples and peanut butter. One must never be without these.

I am reading... Jane and Cassandra is still in progress. I grabbed Ancient Highway by Bret Lott from the library but haven't cracked it. I also pulled down Great Expectations the other evening and started it because I was in the mood, now it lies waiting. But it is in good company.

I am hoping... for a jolly, peaceful Christmas for YOU!

I am hearing... El Papacito playing Wii with the boys. If you have little boys and a husband and video games, you know how very loud this is.

Around the house... it's really clean! It received an Advent cleaning and is Christmasy and cozy.

One of my favorite things... is Wii bowling, now that I mention it. I really love Wii sports. Especially after a Jack and Coke, when my athletic ability really shines.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Santa Maria! Decorating, house guest, baking, knitting, wrapping, cooking, Mass-ing, celebrating.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


wii bowling after a j&C? i have GOT to witness this. =0)

Maybe I could even bowl after a shot of tequila 'n something......

Maybe I'll try it.

I want a Wii. First gaming console I've ever said that about. PapaC and I embarrassed ourselves over at Gamestop playing Mario baseball and laughing like lunatics.

We are SO having a Summa Wii n' drinks night!! A little Sonic Tennis followed by American Idol Karaoke? Can you imagine the delightfulness?



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