Pretty Shoe Tuesday - The Mistle-toes Edition

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Christmas shoe time! To say nothing of the fact that LaMa and I both have a thing for red shoes. Here are some we'd like to see in our closet:

The first ones are practical. Cute, but practical:


Next, here are the Texas Christmas shoes of choice. I so lust after these, it is indecent:


Here are the ones that are dressy, but that you could actually wear to Midnight Mass, causing a stir, but not the wrong kind of stir, if you know what I mean:


Then, finally, the fantasy pair. The pair to wear to a Christmas party that's not in the parish hall. Yum!


Happy Tuesday, ya'll! And go get caught under the mistletoe! Nothing like some Christmas kisses to brighten up the day!


i have one pair of red shoes. seeing these delightful choisces makes me think i need more.

watch for that red pair o' shoes tonight! =0)



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