Whatcha Readin'? Wednesday


Like the Smock, I am uber-busy this week, though with completely different types of things! No longer as involved in the activities of children, somehow I have morphed into being involved in everything else. And it doesn't help that the Zman has finals this week, so I am having to replace him cleaning the parish hall. I could live without that, since I'm also trying to do parish financial statements for tomorrow night's meeting. That plus the ongoing "getting Christmas ready" for my family and friends...... Well, it's enough to dampen anyone's Christmas spirit.

If you let it.

So what am I reading now? NOT MUCH! The backs of cereal boxes. My new Weight Watchers materials (they changed the program a little, and i'm treating myself as if I were a completely new person and starting over.)

Oh, and Georgette Heyer's The Reluctant Widow. And this week I'll also finish off The Great Divorce by C. S. Lewis.

Next week maybe I'll have more time to read. But then it'll be Christmas gifts for teachers/coaches/etc. Cookies to bake (but not eat! Until Christmas, anyway. Sigh.) Packages to wrap. Menu to plan and buy for.




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