Oh, Beanymama #2!

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I am having a hard time keeping my hat on MY head.  McKid thinks it is so pretty that she begs to wear it all the time.

If I bought you the yarn, could you make her one?  Just exactly like mine (same size, she has a big head) but pinker?  What kind of yarn do I need?  Or does it take too long to do?


I'd love to make a cap for her McKidness. The yarn is Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky. I actually have a couple skeins of it but they're lavender. Or maybe periwinkle? Does anyone know the difference between lavender and periwinkle? I can use those but if she wants pinkpink any bulky yarn will do.

Did you see Smocks? Her was called Victorian Pink, I think. They also make a fetching hot pink...

Just read your Facebook entry...you have trouble spelling too as you get older?! I thought I was getting Alzheimer's. I used to be such a good speller and now ... it's sad.



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