Oh, Beanymama!

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Here's what i've done so far. Three panels (out of 10, and the smallest--they get progressively larger as you go along) done. Ends woven in, panels crocheted together. It's amazing what an ice day will do for you.

Progress will be much slower in the future.

I chose a very unsophisticated color palette on purpose for this first run through. I did that so that I could quickly join the panels using single crochet, which lets little pieces of color show through. Since there is so much other color, I think that looks fine on this blanket. If I were doing it in jewel tones or something, I would whipstich instead, which takes longer, but shows less.

I'm LIKING this very, very much.


It is going to be SO ADORABLE. The colors are great.

I've done about as much on my Log Cabin blanket as your big square. I decided on Noro Kureyon for yarn (buying a couple skeins at a time!! Geesh. I don't even want to think about how much I'm going to spend on this project) and I'm reallllllly liking. It looks very "Hazy night in Morocco".

I'm enjoying knitting a blanket! I feel like it's going to take forever so I feel very chill and relaxed working on it. With smaller projects I have more anxiety.

I love this! It's sooo pretty. I knit one blanket and I haven't ever done one again, but I may attempt Log Cabin someday since it looks like fun. When Marsha is done with my book ;)



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