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At the end of every year I have the same delusion that after the Christmas season things will settle down and I will have TIME. But mid January comes again with all the day to day stuff to sort through and settle along with all the stuff that has been tossed in my mental "to do in January" pile and I find myself nearly as busy as last month.

So here's what is up this week:

Making: These mittens for a sweet little birthday boy that lives in a place where mittens are a must. I got yarn off Ebay for an uber steal. Ahhh, Ebay.

Planning: My littlest little will be one in less than a month. This is hard to swallow. She shares a beautiful birthday with beautiful MamaT that is delightfully near St. Valentine's Day, thereby allowing me to plan a delightfully red and pink frilly party. I'm making this cake; except I think I'll use real cream cheese as to not send Smock running for the hills.

For Me: This workout as often as possible to battle residual baby weight and copious Christmas (Thanksgiving, Advent, New Years, Monday...) cookies off my middle.

School Wise: We're doing some fraction focus this month. Big hits are this book, these and these and cutting every blessed meal into tiny (but equal!) pieces.

We're in the middle of Prince Caspian in our Narnia trek.

For Dinner: Tonight we're having this soup. IT IS SO GOOD. It is made without cream, making it crazy healthy, but it's not a smidgen less creamy than tomato soup should be. From my favorite cookbook, which is full of dewishous recipes you will love even if the word vegan makes your eyes roll and gag reflex act up.

Plus dentist and eye doctor appointments this month and I'm fighting everyday to stick to my NO COMPLAINING New Years Resolution; which is way harder than I thought it'd be. I really am a huge baby.

All this at bat, and here I sit in my jammies listening to Robin Hood battles and ignoring screaming laundry pile! Halp.


you have GOT to come up with an easier resolution, girlfriend.



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