MamaT's Pretty Pattern Tuesday, on Wednesday (sigh)



I have never crocheted ANYTHING for my own self to wear. This past Christmas I crocheted 18 or 19 twirly scarves as Christmas presents (and I liked them very much, thank you) but I didn't make one for myself. I crocheted my sister a sweater/coat/shawl thing that she still wears all the time in the winter. Didn't make myself one of those either, though I wanted one.

But this little vesty-sweater type thing? I LIKE it, and it looks simple enough and quick enough for me to do for myself. I'll let you see it if I actually do it.

If you'd like to crochet it for me, you could find the pattern here, over on the Bernat website. Hint, hint.

I have been working on an afghan for a young couple getting married in early June. That seems like a long time away, but the shower for the bride is April 18th, so I've got to be done, with ends woven in, wrapped and all. It is a stitch sampler afghan, and I'm very proud of it, but it is sucking up a lot of time. Four more rounds with different stitch combinations around this puppy and I'm DONE! Then I have to do the frustrating and time consuming job of dealing with all those yarn ends. Sigh. I'll take a picture once it's finished so ya'll can see what I've been doing.

After that, it's a baby afghan for someone special--pattern already picked out, but yarn not purchased yet--maybe a trip to Hobby Lobby or my LYS (little yarn shop) today? Hmmmm. Temptation looms.

Must finish giant afghan. Must finish giant afghan. Must.......



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