carrie vs. perez: the smock's 2 cents


in my humble opinion, if you put yourself on the pageant circuit in the first place, you pretty much get what you deserve. i, for one, hold women who parade their bodies for money -- regardless of whether the money is spent on higher education or a closet full of stilettos -- in fairly low esteem.

that said, i take great exception to the blatant hypocrisy of hyper-liberals like perez hilton, media whore extraordinairre, who expects everyone in the world to tolerate the homosexual agenda but vomits vitriol whenever anyone disagrees with him. what a pathetic, but clear-cut, showing of his true character.

here's townhall's take: Miss CA Booed & Cheered For Gay Marriage Answer. Gay Judge Calls Her A 'Dumb B-itch'

by the way, where are the feminists in all of this? what a quandry! a gay man calls a woman a "dumb bitch" and the "c" word. what's a fem to do? i take it their allegiance with gay men trumps their allegiance with women in general? you betcha! most of the responses from "leading feminists" have been just as snarky and condemning as perez's.

to my surprise, and even if i don't totally agree with him, the most genuine and articulate reaction that i've found so far is actually from an openly gay writer, charles karel bouley, who writes:

And truthfully, who the hell cares what a pageant winner thinks about social policies? SHE'S A PAGEANT BEAUTY QUEEN, not running for public office. Her job will be to attend corporate events and speak all around the country. IF she won and IF she went on a anti-marriage campaign, then, in America it would be your right to launch some sort of campaign against her. Chances are, she would have stayed away from that topic for an entire year.

here's his article, Dear Perez: Miss California Gave The Right Answer For The Moment.



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