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I don't know what kind of lily these are, but aren't they a scrumptious color? Two open, many, many more blooms to go. Will they bend over or will they stay upright like this? Time will tell. Best $4.99 of the week!

Life is a bit crummy at the moment. I'll spill more later.

Happy Thursday, ya'll!


I believe there are around a kajillion varieties, collectively known as Oriental lilies, of this kind of pink lily.

Does it smell good? I love the smell of lilies -- I have an Easter lily perfuming the entry right now (and I think mine was $4.99 too)

Is it cut or is it in a pot? It will stay nice and straight and bring you days and days of beauty. Happy Thursday, and I'm sending up a Salve Regina for your intentions.

Quite scrumptious. Where on earth do you buy flowers for $4.99? If I could find such pretties for so little, I'd have flowers every week.

However, I must confess I don't have much love for the smell of lilies. In fact, I think they stink, even though they look lovely.

These don't have much smell to 'em. I like lily smell, though, as long as it doesn't get overwhelming. (The church is a tad overwhelming at the moment!)

The grocery store I go to usually has some type of bunch of a single type of flower on for 5 bucks or so each week. One week I got daffodils for $2 a bunch (10 stems!). It was a shot in the dark. They were cut, and lying in a box. I couldn't believe they would actually bloom, but bloom they did, and they were lovely.

Then there were the white lilies from 2 weeks back. Last week was peach baby carnations. This week - lovely fuschia pink lilies.

I made a resolution - end of Lent or so - that I was going to try to have one little spot of beauty, even if I had to tweak the budget to get it. It ALWAYS makes me happy.



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